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Changelog 0.6.0bFeed'n Read 0.6.0b Release date06/17/2006
Changelog 0.5.0bFeed'n Read 0.5.0b Release date01/31/2006
Changelog 0.4.1aFeed'n Read 0.4.1a Release date11/02/2005
Changelog 0.4.0aFeed'n Read 0.4.0a Release date10/26/2005

Changes in version 0.6.0b (06/17/2006)
Added translations for the following languages:
  • DutchDutch by Robin Neyt
  • GreekGreek by Tsvetan Bankov
  • RomanianRomanian by Stefan Savu
  • RussianRussian by Ivan Kovalenko
  • SpanishSpanish by Miguel E. Hernández Cuervo
  • TurkishTurkish by Muhammet Kara

Thanks to all translators for your commitment.
  • Watch supportAdded watches. Watches let you keep track of your favorite newsfeeds.
    You can define a watch for an arbitrary set of favorites which are then watched based on keywords. Whenever a favorite is updated the watch synchronizes the news matching these user defined keywords. There is an auxiliary support for powerful searches using wildcards, i.e. special characters that can be embedded in a keyword:

    ? 0 or 1 arbitrary character.
    Example: ?at matches all strings that end on at (rat, fat, at, ...)

    * 0 through n arbitrary characters.
    Example: *og matches all strings that end on og and have any characters in front of it (fog, smog, blog, og, ...)

    + 1 through n arbitrary characters.
    Example: +og matches all strings that end on og and have at least one character in front of it (fog, smog, blog BUT NOT og, ...)

    Creating watches is quite easy as a wizard guides you through the entire process. Watches can be organized in so called watch folders. Select 'Add watch folder' resp. "Add watch' from the 'New' menu to create a watch folder resp. watch.
    Browse through the watches in the 'Watches' tree on the left of the user interface.
    A sidebar now holds the favorites as well as the watches tree and lets you switch between these two views.
    (see request #1467841: Add newsfeed watches based on keywords).
  • Added support for external browser. The link behaviour is now configurable in the 'Browser' branch in preferences. Three different options are available:

    1. a) Use internal browser which opens a link in a new tab inside the tab bar.
    2. b) Use default external browser which opens a link in a new window outside of the application. This setting is only selectable if the system's default browser could be detected.
    3. c) Use an arbitrary external browser which opens a link in a new window outside of the application.
      (see bug #1449762: IE is activated instead of Default Web Browser)

  • Added contet menu item "Open news in external browser": A potential external browser configuration is considered. If no userdefined setting is found the action tries to launch the news in the default browser.
    (see request #1467844: Context menu entry: Open news in default browser)
  • Added scheduled update support on category level: The refresh interval can now be configured on category level too. Changing the refresh interval of a category updates the refresh interval of all favorites inside. Set the check inside the properties dialog if a change to this setting should recursively affect the favorites in the selected category and all of its sub categories. A default value for this setting is now configurable under 'Favorites' in the application preferences.
    (see request #1464774: Refresh interval configuration/unread category visualization)
  • Categories now also display the number of unread news in brackets behind the category name
    (see request #1464774: Refresh interval configuration/unread category visualization)
  • News can now be tagged using the "Tag news" action from the main menu or a newsfeed's context menu. The "Untag news" action clears the news tag again. A red flag in the respective column in the newsfeed tab indicates that a news is tagged. This feature can be used to tag news for special interest which can recovered easily on first sight. Supplementally the filter 'show only tagged news' from the filter menu can be applied to newsfeeds to filter out all news that do not have a tag.
  • Added extended filter options: Show all news, show only unread news and show only tagged news. The filters can be selected using the small arrow down on the right side of the tab bar. Note that this is a global setting which affects all open newsfeed tabs
    (see request #1449803: Hide read messages).
  • Added option to mark a newsfeed as read when the tab it is displayed in is closed. This can be configured in the 'General' branch in the application preferences
    (see request #1449891: Mark read when you leave feed).
  • Added shortcuts for mark news as read (ctrl+r)/unread (ctrl+u)
    (see request #1453747: Shortcut for Mark as Read).
  • Added some new refresh intervals to the scheduler (1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 4 minutes). 
  • Favorite read status is restored on startup syncing all favorites with the last condition in cache and archive. This means that the favorites status is the same as it was when the application was closed the last time. Opening a favorite opens the newsfeed's previous status as found in cache and archive. To reflect the synchronization status on startup a progress indicator for the favorite loading process was added to the application splash screen.
  • Added buttons to clear persistent cache and archive to the application preferences.
  • Favorites tree now displays individual icons for favorites whose host supplies a website icon (known as favicon). Tabs also display that icon if it is available for the favorite. Uses background loading and caching techniques to improve gui performance. Supplementally added support for overlay icons in case a favorite is scheduled for automatic update or its associated newsfeed is flawed.
  • Improved favorites tree filter strategy to prevent flickering. The favorites tree isn't refreshed on each keytroke anymore.
  • The toolbar items are now arranged in logical groups which can be reordered and wrapped. The toolbar settings are stored in the configuration and restored on application start.
  • The application view and divider settings are now stored in the configuration and restored on application start.
  • Screen cheese bug on windows xp systems fixed which caused the application not to show up with xp skin if the respective manifest files were not found in the java runtime installation directory. No manifest files are needed anymore. The xp skin is activated automatically if the application is running on a windows xp system.
  • Fixed bug that caused a scheduled favorite to get updated although it has been already removed.
  • Reengineered tray notifications. In mass updates, e.g. if a category is updated tray notifications now only close if the last notification has been displayed. The notification display time as configured in the application preferences affects the time from the last displayed notification.
  • Fixed bug that caused idle or lingering newsfeed updates not to disappear from the notification area.
  • Fixed bug which caused HTML entities not to be decoded in news titles. All news titles are now conditioned in such a manner that all HTML entities are now converted to their unicode representations. Additionally all potential HTML tags are stripped off
    (see bug #1498015: HTML codes not decoded).
  • Added missing browser toolbar tooltips.
  • Revised documentation, i.e. javadocs.
  • Updated SWT library to 3.2.32
Changes in version 0.5.0b (01/31/2006)
  • Added configuration (using a xml persistence layer)
  • Added proxy server support
  • Added OPML 1.0 import (as supported by http://www.bloglines.com for example)
  • Fixed minor bug causing tray notification not to show up if the main window was sent to tray by hitting close instead of minimize. The default behaviour was send to tray on close. This setting is now configurable.
  • Fixed minor bug causing the DEL key to act as global accelerator for the removal of a tree element. Now DEL key removes tree element only if favorites tree is focussed.
  • Filters are now case insensitive
  • Added message tabs in case of severe errors
  • Added about dialog
  • Changed icon theme (using Crystal, CrystalClear and Nuvola icons)
  • Added some shortcuts in the help menu to useful application specific web sites
  • Updated SWT library to 3.2.18
  • Added notification tray alert fade out animation
Changes in version 0.4.1a (11/02/2005)
  • Internal browser now recognizes links to newsfeeds
  • Newsfeeds opened via addressbar now automatically brings up a dialog which asks if a favorite should be created
  • Improved performance of newsfeed updates especially when updating categories or the entire favorites tree
  • Bug fixed that caused the application to refuse startup if a language was configured on the system that no language resource was available for
    See "Cannot start application" thread by  Marcelo Fiscella for detailed information
  • Bug fixed that sometimes caused the application to stay at 100% cpu usage
    See "Cannot start application" thread by  Marcelo Fiscella for detailed information
  • Updated SWT library to 3.2.12
Changes in version 0.4.0a (10/26/2005)
  • Added parser support for ATOM 1.00 ATOM 1.00
  • Added podcast support: Podcasts are downloaded to the /podcast directory and played in the default audio player afterwards.
  • Added some podcasts for trial to the default favorites
  • Added enclosure support: Enclosures are downloaded to the /enclosure directory and executed in the associated application afterwards.
  • Added system tray support
  • Added system tray notifications if application is minimized
  • Fixed some minor bug in the news display component that caused it to not update to the selected news in case the user switched over to another newsfeed tab. 
  • Added menu item help/license to display the application license (cpl) in a browser tab
  • Added two new schedule intervals: Daily and weekly update of favorites is supported now
  • The running time of a Job, e.g. newsfeed aggregation is now formatted in mm:ss format in case the duration exceeds 60 seconds
  • Refactored the structure of some packages
  • Outsourced some reusable methods to separate utility classes
  • Updated SWT library to 3.2.06

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Feed'n Read (FnR) is a free Java based open source newsfeed reader.

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It disposes of an intuitive, fast and responsive user interface using eclipse technologies, i.e. JFace and SWT. Thus it combines the platform independent Java world on one hand with a fast native user interface on the other hand.

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